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provision n. 1 that which is made ready: baon 2 a supply: panustos 3 a stock, especially of food, food: panlaang pagkain, pagkain 4 provisions, a supply of food and drinks: mga panustos na pagkain at inumin 5 act of providing: pagtustos 6 preparation: paghahanda 7 a statement making a condition: kondisyon, tadhana v. to supply with provisions: magbigay (bigyan) ng mga kagamitan o kailangan

provide v. 1 to take care for the fu- ture: maglaan, paglaanan, ipaglaan, maghanda, paghandaan, ipaghanda 2 to supply means of support, to support: sumustento, sustentuhan 3 to get ready, to prepare: maghanda, paghandaan, ipaghanda 4 to supply, to furnish: magbigay, bigyan, ibigay, magkaloob, pagkalooban, ipagkaloob 5 to state as a condition beforehand: magtakda, itakda, magtadhana, itadhana

ration n. a fixed allowance of food: rasyon v. to supply with rations: magrasyon, rasyunan, irasyon

plenty n. 1 abundance: note: this is a case in which the English noun is usually rendered by an adjective in Tagalog, e.g.: marami (many), sagana, masagana (much or plentiful), labis-labis, sobra-sobra (more than enough) 2 full supply, all that one needs: kasaganaan

inform v. 1 to supply with knowl- edge: ipaalam, magpabatid, pa- batiran, ipabatid 2 to tell: magsabi, sabihin 3 to give notice of: magpata- lastas, ipatalastas, magpabatid 4 to acquaint with a fact: magbigay-alam, ipagbigay-alam

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