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act n. 1 an action: gawa 2 doing or carrying out: akto, paggawa, pagsasagawa 3 the act of a play or drama: YUGTO 4 law, decree: batas v. 1 to do: kumilos 2 to play the part of: gumanap (nang papel), ganapin (ang papel) 3 to behave: kumilos, umanyo, mag-anyo 4 to conduct ones self: mag-asal, umasal

stage n. 1 a platform, a flooring: plataporma 2 a raised flooring in a theater on which the actors perform: entablado 3 the theater, the drama, actors profession: teatro, tanghalan 4 to be on the stage, to be an actor or actress: artista 5 a scene of action: larangan, tanghalan 6 a stagecoach: karwahe 7 one step or degree in a process, a period of development: YUGTO, baitang, hakbang v. 1 to present on the stage: magtanghal, itanghal, mag- palabas, palabasin, ilabas 2 (verbal noun) staging, a presentation of: pagtatanghal, pagpapalabas

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