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hunch n. a feeling or suspicion without conscious reasoning: kutob, hinuha, sapantaha, agam-agam

misgiving n. 1 anxiety: agam-agam, alaala, pag-aalaala, pangamba, pan- gangamba 2 doubt, suspicion: duda, pagdududa, hinala, paghihinala

doubt n. 1 an uncertain state of affairs: alinlangan, pag-aalinlangan, duda, pagdududa 2 apprehension: pangamba v. 1 to feel uncertain, not be sure of: mag-alinlangan, pag-alinlanganan, ipag-alinlangan, magduda, pagdudahan 2 to be apprehensive of, to fear in a mild sense: mangamba, ipangamba, mag-agam-agam, ipag-agam-agam 3 not to believe: hindi maniwala (paniwalaan), hindi sumampalataya (sampalatayanan) 4 to hesi- tate: mag-atubili, pag-atubilihan, ipag-atubili, mag-urong-sulong, pag- urong-sulungan, ipag-urong-sulong

anxious adj. 1 worrried, uneasy, restless: balisa, hindi mapalagay, nababahala 2 earnestly desirous or longing for something: sabik, nanamabik 3 to be anxious, to be worried: mabahala, mag-alaala, mag-alala, alalahanin, mag-agam- agam, mabalisa

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