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asŽawa n. wife/husband, spouse (term of reference)


marriage n. 1 the ceremony of marriage: pagkakasal 2 a wedding: kasal, kasalan 3 living together as husband and wife, married life: buhay may asawa, pag-sasamang mag-asawa

husband n. man who has a wife: asawa

wife n. a married woman: asawa, maybahay, misis

pair n. 1 a set of two, two that go together: pares, paris, pareha 2 a single thing that cannot be used separately: In Tagalog this is ren- dered by the simple singular name of the subject. E.g. a "pair of scissors" or "scissors" are both expressed as gunting. 3 two people who are married: mag-asawa, magkabiyak 4 two people who are engaged to be married: magkatipan, magnobyo 5 two animals or birds that are mated: mag-asawa, pares · v. 1 to arrange or be arranged in pairs: magpareha, ipareha, pagparehahin, magpares, ipares, magtambal, itambal, pagtambalin 2 to mate: magpareha, ipareha 3 to pair off, to arrange in pairs or form into pairs: magpareha, pagparehahin, magtambal, pagtambalin

hinŽala' n. suspicion · maghinala', hinalŽain (mag-:-in) v. to suspect, to presume. Naghihi- nala ang babae sa kanyang asawa. The woman is suspecting that her husband is philandering.

asa awake ahas awas

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