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babae n. woman adj. female


lady n. 1 a woman: babae 2 a well-mannered woman, one who acts in a ladylike way: mahinhing babae (dalaga)

mistress n. 1 the woman who is at the head of the household: maybahay, ina ng tahanan, madre de pamilya, ginang 2 a title given to woman who has a thorough knowledge or mastery of some- thing, feminine form of "master": dalubhasang babae, babaing bi- hasang-bihasa (bihasang-bihasa), babaing espesyalista 3 a woman teaching in a school, or giving lessons in a special subject: maestra, guro 4 a woman principal of a school: prinsipal, prinsipal, punong-guro babai 5 a woman who improperly occupies the place of a wife: kerida, babae, kinakasama

daughter-in-law n. wife of ones son: manugang na babae

female n/adj. a woman or girl: babae

lingerie n. womens underwear: damit-panloob ng mga babae

babaw baba baboy baby

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