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b´aboy n. pig, pork


pork n. 1 the meat of a pig or hog used for food: karne (karne) ng baboy, baboy 2 salted pork: tusino, inasnang baboy, binurong baboy

pig n. 1 a domestic animal raised for its meat: baboy 2 a young pig: biik 3 a wild pig: baboy-ramo

hog n. pig: baboy

pigeon n. a bird with a stout body and short legs, a dove: kalapati, batu- bato pigsty, pigpen n. a pen for pigs: kural (kulungan) ng baboy

pat´id ­ magpatid, mangpatid, pat´irin (mag-, mang-:-in) v. to cut off. Pinatid niya ang lubid para pakawalan ang baboy. He cut off the rope to set free the pig. p´atid n. tripping another's foot · pat´irin (-in) v. to trip (someone). Huwag mo siyang patirin. Don't trip him.

babae babaw bobo baba

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