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bakas n. print, mark, trace bumakas (um-) v. to mark or leave a mark, to leave a trail or vestige. Bumakas ang kanyang sampal. His slap left a mark


impression n. 1 an effect produced by a person: pagkakilala, im- presyon 2 an idea, notion or belief: sapantaha, paniwala, palagay 3 a mark or print: bakas, tatak, marka imprint n. 1 a mark made by pres- sure, print: bakas, marka, tatak 2 a moral impression: bisa v. 1 to im- press: magkintal, makintal, ikintal, mabakas 2 to stamp: magtatak, tatakan 3 to print: maglimbag, limbagin, ilimbag

footprint n. 1 bakas ng paa 2 sound of footsteps: yabag

tincture n. 1 solution of medicine: tintura 2 trace, tinge: bakas, kulay v. to give a trace or tinge: magkabakas, kabakasan, magkulay, kulayan, makulayan

trail n. 1 anything that follows along behind: buntot 2 a track: pinagdaanan, bakas, landas 3 a trail in a forest or between mountains: landas 4 a path: daan, landas v. 1 to hunt by track or smell, follow along behind: tumugaygay, tugay- gayan, umamoy, amuyin, sumunod, sundan, bumuntot, buntutan 2 to pull or drag along behind: humila, hilahin, kumaladkad, kaladkarin 3 to be drawn along behind: makaladkad, mahila-hila 4 to grow along: gumapang

print n. 1 a mark made by pressing or stamping, such as a footprint: bakas, tatak 2 the words in ink stamped by type: limbag 3 letters in ink stamped by type: mga titik (letra) v. 1 to use type to stamp words on paper, etc.: maglimbag, lumimbag, limbagin, ilimbag 2 to cause to be printed, to publish: maglathala, ilathala, magpalimbag, ipalimbag 3 to make letters the way they look in print instead of writing them: ilimbag, limbagin (ang letra)

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