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balatkay´o n. costume, disguise


mask n. 1 a covering to hide or protect the face: maskara 2 a disguise: balatkayo · v. 1 to cover the face with a mask: magmaskara, maskarahan 2 to use something as a mask to cover the face: ipang maskara

show v. 1 to let be seen, put in sight: magpakita, ipakita, pakitaan, pakita, magpamalas, ipamalas 2 to be in sight: makita, matanaw 3 to point out, direct, guide: magturo, ituro 4 to make clear, explain: magpaliwanag, ipaliwanag 5 to expose, put on display: magtanghal, itanghal, magpakita, ipakita · n. 1 a showing: pagpapakita, pagtataas 2 a display, showing off: parangya, pagpaparangya, pasikat, pagpa- pasikat 3 appearance: bakas 4 a false appearance: pagkukunwari, pagkukunuwari, balatkayo 5 any kind of public exhibition or display: tanghalan, pagtatanghal 6 a moving picture: pelikula, palabas 7 for show, to attract attention: pakitang-tao, pantawag-pansin, pasikat 8 to show off, display: magparangya, ipag- parangya, magpasikat, ipagpasikat

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