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b´alot n. covering, wrapping, take- home food · bal´ot adj. covered, wrapped · magbalot, bal´utin, ibalot (mag- :-in, i-) v. to wrap, to encase, to envelope. Magbalot ka ng makakain natin. (You) wrap the food we're going to eat.


egg n. 1 itlog 2 an unfertilized egg: bugok 3 a duck egg with developed embryo and cooked: balot eggplant n. a kind of vegetable: talong

cover n. 1 cover of a book: balat, pabalat 2 cover of any container: takip, panakip 3 cover for pots: tungtong, suklob 4 wrapping: balot, pambalot · v. 1 to put something over, to cover: magtakip, takpan, itakip, magtaklob, takluban, itaklob 2 to cover with earth: magtabon, tabunan 3 to hide: magkaila, ikaila, ipagkaila, pagkailaan, magtago, itago, pagtaguan, maglihim, ilihim, paglihiman 4 to cover up ones mistakes: magtakip, pagtakpan

naked adj. 1 with no clothes on, completely naked: hubot hubad 2 bare from waist up: hubad 3 bare from waist down: hubo 4 not covered: walang takip, walang balot, tiwangwang, nakatiwangwang 5 the naked truth, the plain truth without ornament: talagang (payak na) katotohanan, hubad na katotohanan

pack n. 1 a bundle: balutan, basta 2 a packet, parcel: pakete, balot 3 a small packet: kaha 4 lot, a number together: bunton, tambak, barkada, kawan, pangkat, katerba 5 a complete set of playing cards: baraha · v. 1 to put together in a bundle, box, etc.: mag-impake, impakihin, magbasta, bastain 2 to fill with things: magpuno, punuin 3 to press or crowd closely together: magsiksik, isiksik, siksikan, siksikin 4 to wrap things together: magbalot, balutin 5 to pack things in boxes: magkahon, ikahon 6 to pack things in cans or tins: magsalata, isalata

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