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barŽil n. gun · bumaril (-um-) v. to shoot with a gun. Bumaril si Pedro. Pedro shot the gun. magbaril (mag-) v. to shoot one- self. Magbaril ka. (You) shoot. mamaril, barilŽin (mang-:-in) to shoot at something. Barilin mo ang ibon. Shoot the bird.


revolver n. a pistol that can be fired several times without loading it again: rebolber, baril

pistol n. small shot gun held and fired with one hand: rebolber, baril, pistola

tŽutok n. direction of a point or the business end of a weapon. · tutŽukan (-an) v. to stick up (as in a holdup). Tinutukan niya ako ng baril. He held me up (with a gun).

rifle n. a gun with spiral grooves in its barrel which spin or twists the bullet as it is shot: riple, baril · v. 1 to search and rob: maghalungkat at magnakaw 2 to steal: magnakaw, nakawin 3 strip bare: sumaid, sairin

bunŽot n. coconut husk bŽunot ­ bumunot, bunŽutin (-um- :-in) v. to pull out, to uproot, to ex- tract. Bunutin mo ang damo. Pull out the grass. magbunot, bunŽutin (mag:-in) v. to pull out something (a gun). Nag- bunot siya ng baril. He pulled out a gun.

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