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b´ola Sp n. ball · mambola, bol´ahin (mang-:-in) v. to flatter, to jest, to put someone on. Nambola siya ng husto. He flattered (someone) a lot.


bat n. a flying animal that looks like a mouse: paniki bat n. a stick of club used to hit the ball in baseball, cricket, etc: bat · v. to hit a ball with a bat: pumalo ng bola, paluin ang bola

round adj. 1 shaped like a ball: bilog, mabilog, hugis-bola, parang bola 2 shaped like a ring or circle: hugis-singsing 3 shaped like a tube: hugis-tubo 4 full, complete: buo, husto, kompleto · adv. 1 through a round of time: sa buong taon 2 in all directions from, to all parts of: palibut-libot, sa lahat ng panig (dako) · n. 1 circumference, the distance around: bilog, kabilugan 2 a series: pagkakasunud-sunod 3 a fixed course ending where it begins: paglibot, paglilibot 4 a movement in a circle: ikit, pag-ikit, ikot, pag-ikot 5 a section of a game: raun 6 the dis- tance between limits, range: saklaw 7 bullets, etc., for one simultaneous discharge of guns: rolyo ng bala · v. 1 to make round: magbilog, bilugin 2 to become round: maging bilog 3 to go around: umikot, lumigid 4 to make rounds: maglibot, magbisita

sal´o ­ sumalo (-um-) v. to catch. Sino ang sumalo ng bola? Who caught the ball?

ball n. 1 a playing ball: bola 2 a for- mal dance: bayle, sayawan

gul´ong n. wheel · gum´ulong (-um) v. to roll. Gu- mulong ang bola sa sahig. The ball rolled on the floor. maggulong; igulong (mag-:i-) v. to roll something

bula bolo bala balae

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