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b´uko n. bud, young coconut


knuckles n. a joint of a finger: buko ng daliri

bucket n. a pail made of wood or metal: timba, balde bud n. 1 the beginning of a flower, fruit, etc.: buko 2 a small beginning of a branch or shoot: supang, usbong · v. 1 to bud, to sprout: mamuko, mag-usbong 2 to sprout, such as seedlings: sumibol

buk´a adj. open · bumuka (-um-) v. Bumuka na ang buko. The bud opened. ibuka (i-) v. Ibuka mo ang bibig mo. Open your mouth.

coconut n. 1 general term for co- conut: niyog 2 rare type of coconut used for preserves: makapuno 3 the young coconut: buko, mura 4 coconut husk: bunot 5 coconut milk: gata 6 coconut oil: langis ng niyog 7 coconut plantation: niyugan 8 coconut shell: bao 9 coconut preserve made from coconut milk: latik 10 coconut toffee: bukayo

buka buhok buhos baso

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