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courage, fearful, timid: duwag, mahina ang loob


pluck v. 1 to pull off or out: bumunot, bunutin 2 to pick flowers, fruits, etc,: pumitas, mamitas, pitasin, pumupol, mamupol, pupulin 3 to pull the feathers off a fowl: maghimulmol, himulmulan 4 to pluck the strings of a musical instrument: kumalbit, kalbitin, kal- abitin 5 to pull, to pull at: humila, hilahin, bumatak, batakin 6 to pull up: bumunot, bunutin 7 to gather up courage: magpalakas ng loob, lakasan (laksan) ang loob, tibayan ang loob · n. courage: tapang, katapangan, lakas ng loob

courage, fearful, timid: duwag, mahina ang loob

kompiy´ansa Sp n. confidence, reliance, courage, firmness of opinion

g´iting n. heroism, great courage · magiting (ma-) adj. courageous, heroic

manhood n. 1 condition or time for being a man: kahustuhang- gulang 2 courage, bravery: tapang, katapangan

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