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dagta' n. sap, juice


tap v. 1 to strike lightly: kumatok, katukin, tumuktok 2 to strike lightly with the open hand: tumapik, tapikin 3 to cut the bark of a tree to let out sap: tumapyas (tapyasan) upang dumagta, humiwa (hiwaan) upang dumagta, magpadagta, padagtain, magpatulo ng dagta, likido, tubig, atb., patuluin ang dagta 4 to make a connection on: magkabit, kabitan n. 1 a light blow with the open hand: tapik 2 a tool for cutting internal screw threads: panroskas, pangroskas 3 a stopper or plug to close a hole in a cast containing liquid: tapon, pasak 4 a faucet: gripo 5 on tap sometimes means ready for use: nakahanda, handa na

sap n. the life-giving juice of a plant: dagta, katas v. to weaken, use up: magpahina, panghinain, umubos, ubusin

milk n. 1 the white liquid from cows, which we drink and use in cooking: gatas 2 coconut milk: gata 3 the sap of certain plants: dagta v. to draw milk from a cow, goat, etc.: gumatas, gatasan

dagat dugout

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