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dam“it n. clothing, dress [syn. b“aro, best“ido]


dress n. 1 a womans outer gar- ment: bestido, baro, damit 2 evening dress: damit-pansayaw, damit-panggabi 3 a house dress: damit-pambahay 4 a funeral dress: damit-pamburol, pamburol 5 cloth- ing, especially outer clothing: damit, pananamit · v. 1 to put clothes on: magbihis, bihisan, magdamit, damtan 2 to dress up: gumayak, gayakan, magbihis, bihisan

wardrobe n. 1 a closet or piece of furniture for holding clothes: aparador, lalagyan ng damit 2 a stock of clothes: mga damit

tah“i' ­ tumahi' (-um-) v. to sew. Tumahi si Kelly ng damit ko. Kelly sewed my dress. manahi', tahi“in (mang-:-in) v. to sew. Nanahi ako kagabi. I sewed last night. Tahiin mo ang damit ng bata. Sew the child's dress.

kus“ot adj. rumpled, crumpled [syn. gus“ot] · makusot (ma-) v. to get wrinkled. Nakusot ang damit ko sa kauupo. My dress got wrinkled in sitting down. magkusot, kusut“in (mag-:-in) v. to crumple, to wash clothes by rubbing vigorously. Kusutin mo ang damit sa batya. Wash the dress (by rubbing vigorously) with your hands in the basin.

su“ot n. refers to clothes worn by a person · sumuot (-um-) v. to go inside or to go through. Sumuot sila sa isang madilim na kuweba. They entered a dark cave. magsuot, isuot (mag-:i-) v. to wear an apparel. Magsuot ka ng magandang damit. Wear an attrac- tive dress. Isuot mo ang bago mong damit. Wear your new dress.

damot dont duwende

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