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damŽo n. grass, weeds


weeds n. a useless or troublesome plant: damo, sukal na damo · v. 1 to take weeds out of: gumamas, gamasan, gamasin, magbunot (bunutan) ng damo, mag-alis (alisan) ng sukal na damo 2 to wipe out: lipulin

herb n. a plant with leaves that are used for medicine , seasoning, or food: damo, damong gamot

grass n. 1 green blades that cover fields and lawns: damo 2 land cov- ered with grass: damuhan

hay n. 1 grass cut and dried for fodder: tuyung damo 2 dried rice stalks used as fodder for carabaos and cows: dayami, ginikan

bunŽot n. coconut husk bŽunot ­ bumunot, bunŽutin (-um- :-in) v. to pull out, to uproot, to ex- tract. Bunutin mo ang damo. Pull out the grass. magbunot, bunŽutin (mag:-in) v. to pull out something (a gun). Nag- bunot siya ng baril. He pulled out a gun.

dami dama damay dahon

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