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dibd´ib n. chest, breast


breast n. 1 the chest: dibdib 2 the part or gland that gives milk: suso breeze n. a gentle or soft wind: simoy

chest n. 1 part of the body enclosed by the ribs: dibdib 2 the breast of fowls or animals: pitso 3 a large wooden trunk: kaban 4 a box: kahon 5 chest of drawers: aparador

tah´ip n. up and down movement of rice grains being winnowed on a flat basket, rapid palpitation or throbbing (of heartbeat) · tumahip (-um-) v. to beat rapidly (heart). Tumahip ang dibdib ni Marta dahil sa takot. Marta's heart beat rapidly because of fear. magtahip, tahip´in (mag-:-in) v. winnow (cereals)

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