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dŽiwa' n. spirit, thought


spirit n. 1 a supernatural being: espiritu 2 the soul: kaluluwa 3 a mans moral, religious, or emotional nature: diwa 4 courage: tapang, katapangan 5 vigor: lakas 6 live- liness: sigla, kasiglahan 7 state of mind, disposition: damdamin, loob, kalooban, kalooban, disposisyon 8 person, personality: tao, person- alidad 9 influence that stirs up and rouses: sigla, kasiglahan 10 what is really meant as opposed to what is said or written: diwa, layon, layunin 11 a strong alcoholic liquor: alak

soul n. 1 the spiritual part of a man: kaluluwa 2 energy of mind or feeling, spirit: kaluluwa, lakas ng isip 3 cause of inspiration and energy: diwa, buhay 4 a person: tao, kanino, sino mang tao

picture n. 1 a drawing, painting, or photograph, a printed copy of any of these: larawan, retrato, ritrato 2 a scene: tanawin, panoorin 3 something beautiful: kagandahan, kariktan 4 a likeness, image: larawan, kalarawan, kapilas 5 motion picture: sine 6 film: pelikula · v. 1 to draw: gumuhit ng larawan, iguhit ang larawan 2 to paint: magpinta, ipinta 3 to form a picture of, to imagine: gumunita, gunitain, maglarawan (ilarawan) sa diwa o isip 4 to show by words, to describe vividly: maglarawan (ilarawan) sa pangungusap

thread n. 1 cotton, silk, flax, etc., spun out into a fine cord: sinulid 2 the thread raveled out of a cloth: himulmol, himaymay, hibla 3 the main thought which connects the parts of a story or speech: diwa 4 the winding, sloping ridge of a screw: roskas · v. 1 to pass a thread through: magtuhog, tuhugin 2 to thread a needle: sulutan ng sinulid ang karayom 3 to make ones way through, make ones way carefully, go in a winding course: magpalusut-lusot, lumusut-lusot, magpasikut-sikot, sumikut-sikot 4 to form a thread on a screw: magroskas, roskasan, maglagay (lagyan) ng roskas

sense n. 1 the faculty of sensation: (no single specific term although Balagtas in his "Florante at Laura" used "karamdaman," e.g., "limang karamdaman" - five senses. Not used now in this way). 2 sense of sight: paningin 3 sense of smell: pangamoy 4 sense of taste: panlasa 5 sense of hearing: pandinig 6 sense of touch: pandamdam 7 feeling: pakiramdam, damdamin 8 understanding: pangunawa 9 appreciation: pagpapahalaga 10 a clear or sound state of mind: bait 11 judgment, intelligence: talino, katalinuhan, isip, bait 12 common sense: sentido komun 13 meaning: kahulugan, diwa · v. 1 to feel, understand: dumama, madama, damahin, maramdaman, umunawa, maunawaan, unawain 2 to make sense, to be understand- able, to be reasonable: maunawaan, makatwiran 3 in a sense, in some respects or to some degree: sa ibang bagay, sa isang dako

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