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dulŽa' n. drama, stage play [syn. drŽama]


drama n. a play such as one sees in a theater: dula, drama

cast v. 1 to throw: maghagis, ihagis, iitsa, magpukol, ipukol 2 to cast away, to banish: magtapon, itapon 3 to drive out: magpalayas, palayasin · n. 1 a throw: hagis, pukol, bato, itsa 2 a thing molded: molde 3 actors in a play: mga artista, tauhan ng dula

play n. 1 fun, sport, action to amuse oneself: laro, paglalaro 2 a turn, move or act in a game as in chess and the like: sulong, tira 3 a story acted on the stage: dula, drama, palabas 4 a performance on a musi- cal instrument: tugtog, pagtugtog 5 an action: gawa, kagagawan 6 gam- bling: sugal, pagsusugal, huwego, paghuhuwego · v. 1 to have fun, to do something in sport: maglaro, laruin 2 to gamble: magsugal, isugal, maghuwego, ihuwego 3 to take part in a game: sumali sa laro, makipaglaro 4 to play against, to compete: lumaban, labanan (sa laro), makipagpaligsahan (sa laro) 5 to make music on an instrument, to make, give forth music,to pro- duce as music: tumugtog, tugtugin 6 to act a part, to act the part of: gumanap ng papel, ganapin ang papel 7 to act carelessly, to do foolish things with something: paglaruan, laruin 8 to play on, to take advantage of; make use of: magsamantala, pagsamantalahan, samantalahin

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