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express v. 1 to put into words: magpahayag, ipahayag, magsabi, sabihin 2 to show by look, voice or action: magpahiwatig, ipahiwatig, magpakilala, ipakilala · n. a quick means of sending: ekspres · adj. 1 quick: mabilis 2 clear and definite: maliwanag


voice n. 1 the sound made through the mouth: tinig, boses 2 the right to express an opinion or choice: karapatang magpahayag (magbigay) ng kuru-kuro, karapatang magsalita 3 a form of the verb that shows whether the subject acts or is acted upon: tinig · v. to express, to utter: magpahayag, ipahayag, magsabi, sabihin

congratulate v. to express ones pleasure at the good fortune of another: bumati, batiin

disapproval n. having or express- ing an opinion or feeling against: pagtutol, pagsalungat, di-pagsang- ayon

frank adj. 1 free to express ones real thoughts and feelings, open, not hiding ones mind: tapat, matapat, prangko/a 2 not afraid to say what one thinks: tahas, tahasan, deretso

das´al n. prayer · magdasal, dasalin; idasal (mag-:- in,i-) v. to say a prayer d´atapwa't conj. but, however [syn. ng´unit, sub´alit (usually with t) (coor- dinating particle used to express con- trasts)]

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