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fear n. a feeling which makes you turn away or run from something, fright: takot, pagkatakot, pangamba, sindak, pagkasindak · v. to be afraid: matakot, katakutan, ikatakot, mangamba, ipangamba, masindak, ikasindak


terror n. 1 great fear: malaking takot, sindak 2 a cause of great fear: kilabot, kinatatakutan

brave adj. 1 without fear, having courage: matapang 2 courageous, stout-hearted, plucky: malakas ang loob 3 heroic: magiting 4 daring, bold, venturesome: pangahas · v. 1 to dare: mangahas, pangahasan 2 to meet without fear: maglakas-loob

dread v. to fear (greatly): matakot, katakutan, masindak, kasin- dakan · n. fear: hilakbot, sindak, pagkasindak, takot, pagkatakot · adj. dreadful, dreaded: nakatatakot, nakakikilabot, kakila- kilabot, nakasisindak, kasindak-sindak, nakapanghihilakbot,

pangamb´a n. fear, suspicion

jealousy n. 1 dislike or fear of rivals: panibugho, paninibugho, selos, pagseselos 2 envy: panaghili, pananaghili, inggit, kainggitan, pagkainggit

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