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firewood n. wood to make a fire: panggatong, kahoy na panggatong


chop v. 1 to cut with blows: magputol, pumutol, putulin 2 to cut with an ax: magpalakol, palakulin 3 to cut with a "bolo": tumaga, tagain, tumagpas, tagpasin 4 to cut with a sickle or "bolo": magtabas, tumabas, tabasin 5 to cut or split wood for firewood, as with an ax: magsibak, sumibak, sibakin, magpalakol, pumalakol, palakulin 6 to cut into small pieces as firewood, with a "bolo": magtilad, tumilad, tilarin 7 to cut by chopping into fine pieces, as meat, vegetables, etc.: magtadtad, tumadtad, tadtarin

firewood n. wood to make a fire: panggatong, kahoy na panggatong

liy´ab ­ magliyab, lumiyab (mag-, -um-) v. to blaze. Lumiyab ang kusina. The kitchen was ablaze with fire. Nagliyab ang panggatong. The firewood was ablaze.

tag´a' ­ managa', taga´in (mang-:- in) v. to hack with a cutting instru- ment. Tagain mo ang mga pangga- tong. Hack/chop the firewood. aff. a noun-forming prefix meaning `native of' or `coming from'; with verb roots, it means `regular performer of'

g´atong n. firewood, fuel · magg´atong, ig´atong (mag-:i-) v. to feed with fuel, to put into the fire as fuel. Kumuha ka ng kahoy para igatong. Get some wood for fuel.

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