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ginto' n. gold


gold n. precious metal: ginto adj. 1 made of gold: ginto, yari sa ginto, 2 color of gold, golden: ginintuan

plate n. 1 a dish, usually round, that is almost flat: plato, pinggan 2 small plate (sauce): platito 3 food served to one person at a meal: isang platong pagkain, putahe 4 dishes : mga pinggan 5 a piece of metal or other form of material with false teeth set into it: pustiso 6 a thin flat sheet or piece of metal: plantsa, ohas, pohas 7 a thin, flat piece of metal on which something is engraved: klitse 8 a thin sheet of glass coated with chemicals that are sensitive to light: plaka, negatibo 9 in baseball, the homebase: hombeis, hombeys, lubigan, lubigang unan v. to cover with a thin layer of gold, silver or some other metal: magtubog (itubog) sa ginto (pilak)

ganti ganit ganda giant

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