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gitnŽa' n. middle, center


middle n. 1 the point or part that is the same distance from each end or side, center: gitna, kalagitnaan 2 in reference to time: kalahatian · adj. 1 equally distant from each end: panggitna, nasa gitna (kalag- itnaan) 2 in between, ordinary, average: katamtaman, karaniwan, kaigihan

kagitnŽa' n. half-pint ( from gitna)

centre halfback
centre halfback n. gitna kalahati sa likod

centre football
centre football n. one of the foot- ball players: gitna pasulong

center n. 1 the middle: gitna, kalag- itnaan, sentro 2 principal point or place: sentro 3 center of attraction: tampok, tampukan, tampulan · v. 1 to place in the center: igitna, ipag- itna, isentro 2 to be centered: ma- pagitna

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