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hilig Mal n. inclination, leaning po- sition, propensity, tendency mahilig (ma-) adj. having the incli- nation or tendency to


slant v. to incline, slope: humilig, ihilig, humapay, ihapay, humilis, ihilis adj. inclining: pahilig, hilig, pahilis, hilis, tagilid n. an incline: hilig, hapay, hilis, tagilid

palate n. 1 the roof of the mouth: ngalangala 2 the sense of taste: panlasa 3 liking: pagkakagusto, kagustuhan, hilig

appetite n. 1 a relish for food or drink: gana 2 a desire, incli- nation: hilig, gusto, pagkagusto, pagkakagusto

inclined adj. 1 willing, tending, favorable: napapahilig, nagkakaibig, naiibigan, nagkakagusto, mahilig, magustuhin, nahihiligan 2 sloping: nakahilig, hilig, nakahapay, hapay, nakakiling, kiling, nakatagilid, tagilid

lounge v. to sit or lie at ease and lazily: humila-hilata, magpahila- hilata, humilig-hilig n. 1 a com- fortable and informal room in which one can lounge and be at ease: pahingahan, silid-pahingahan 2 a couch: sopa, hiligan

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