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hubŽad adj. naked, undressed from the waist up, not in possession of · maghubad, hubarŽin (mag-:-in) v. to undress, to have nothing from the waist up. Naghubad siya dahil sa init. He undressed because of the heat. Hubarin mo ang kamiseta mo. Take off your undershirt.


naked adj. 1 with no clothes on, completely naked: hubot hubad 2 bare from waist up: hubad 3 bare from waist down: hubo 4 not covered: walang takip, walang balot, tiwangwang, nakatiwangwang 5 the naked truth, the plain truth without ornament: talagang (payak na) katotohanan, hubad na katotohanan

nude adj. completely naked: hubot hubad, walang damit

undress v. 1 to take the clothes off: maghubad, hubaran, hubarin, maghubo, hubuan, hubuin 2 to strip fully: maghubot hubad, hubuat hubaran

habit hapdi

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