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il´ong n. nose


nose n. 1 the part of the face just above the mouth: ilong 2 sense of smell: pangamoy 3 the part that stands out, esp. the bow of a ship or boat: nguso, ungos · v. 1 to smell: umamoy, amuyan, maamuyan 2 to pry into: umamoy, amuyan, humanap, hanapin, magmanman, 3 to poke ones nose into other peoples business (coll.), to interfere: makialam, pakialaman 4 to pay through the nose (coll.), to pay too much: magbayad nang labis (napakamahal) 5 to blow the nose: suminga, isinga, pasingahin 6 to wipe the nose: magpahid ng ilong, pahiran ang ilong 7 bridge of the nose: balingusan

tal´ilong n. mullet (immature)

ilong n. basement, space below the house, ground floor

kal´ikot n. a slender tuba with a pok- ing rod with which to crush and mix kalik´utin (-in) v. to poke and stir or poke and scrape into a hole. Huwag mong kalikutin ang ilong mo. Don't poke your finger in your nose.


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