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kab´an n. measure of palay, a sack, a cavan


prominence n. 1 conspicuousness of something: kalantaran, kalitawan 2 state of projecting: pagkausli 3 a being prominent, distinguished or conspicuous: katanyagan, kaban- tugan

chest n. 1 part of the body enclosed by the ribs: dibdib 2 the breast of fowls or animals: pitso 3 a large wooden trunk: kaban 4 a box: kahon 5 chest of drawers: aparador

trunk n. 1 the main stem of a tree: puno, katawan 2 a big box for holding clothes, etc.: baul, kaban 3 a body without the head, arms and legs: katawan 4 an elephants snout: nguso ng elepante

dag´an ­ dumagan, mangdagan (- um-:mang-) v. to put one's weight on something. Dumagan sa kaniya ang malaking puno. He/She was crushed by a big tree. magdag´an, idag´an (mag-:-i) v. to put a weight, to press, to put some- thing over something. Idagan mo ang kaban ng bigas sa kahon. Place the sack of rice on the box.


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