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kapat´id n. brother or sister, sibling (term of reference)


al´aga' n. pet, ward, person, animal or thing being taken care of · mag-alaga', alag´aan (mag-:-an) v. to take care of, to raise, to bring up. Alagaan mo ang iyong kapatid. (You) take care of your brother (or sister).

g´aya adv. like, resembling, in the manner of. Hindi gaya ng bola. (unlike the ball). gumaya, gay´ahin; manggaya (-um-,-in:mang-:-in) v. to imitate, to emulate. Huwag mong gayahin ang kapatid mo. Don't imitate your brother.

tust´os ­ magtustos, itustos (mag- :i-) v. to support financially (e.g., sending someone to school,giving some kind of allowance or pension, regular support). Nagtustos ako sa pag-aaral ng kapatid ko. I supported my brother's (sister's) studies.

ka pron. you (sing.), second person (sing.), belongs to the ang pronoun set) · ka- aff. (+ reduplication of the first consonant and vowel of the verb root) means a recently completed action K´a adj. appellation for elders and distant uncles or aunts, as Ka Pedro or Ka Juana, from kapatid meaning `sibling'

intind´i ­ umintindi (-um-) v. to understand, to comprehend. Hindi siya marunong umintindi. He cannot comprehend. mag-intindi, intindih´in (mag-:- in) v. to take care of, to look after, to attend to. Intindihin mo ang mga kapatid mo. Attend to your brothers (or sisters).

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