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kulay n. color makulay (ma-) colorful


violet n. 1 a plant with purple, blue, yellow, or white flowers: biyoleta 2 a bluish purple color: biyoleta, lila adj. having a bluish purple color: biyoleta, lila, kulay-biyoleta, kulay-lila

silver n. 1 a shining white precious metal: plata, pilak 2 coins made from silver: plata, pilak 3 utensils or dishes made from silver: kubyertos na pilak, mga kagamitang yari sa pilak adj. 1 made of silver: yari sa pilak 2 having the color of silver: kulay-pilak, kulay-plata

complexion n. general appearance of the skin: kutis, kulay (ng balat)

gray n. shade between white and black: gris, senisado, kulay-abo adj. abuhin

rose n. a flower that grows on a bush with thorny stems: rosas adj. pinkish-red: kulay-rosas

kilay kalaw kalahi kulo

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