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k´usa' adj. spontaneous, initiative


intentionally adv. with intention, on purpose: sinasadya, sinadya, tinitikis, tikis, kinukusa, kinusa, kusa

initiative n. 1 readiness and ability to be the one to start a thing: kusa, pagkukusa 2 taking the first steps in any undertaking: pangunguna, pag- papasimuno

push v. 1 to move something away by pressing against it: magtulak, itulak 2 to press hard: dumiin, idiin, diinan 3 to thrust (downward): magbaon, bumaon, pabaunin, ibaon 4 to go forward by force: sumiksik, makipagsiksikan, gumitgit, makipag- gitgitan 5 to urge, to make go forward, to carry out: magsagawa, isagawa, gawin, magtaguyod, itaguyod, magpatuloy, ipagpatuloy, ituloy · n. 1 the act of pushing: tulak, pagtulak, pagtutulak 2 force, power to succeed, initiative: sigla, kusa, pagkukusa, sigasig 3 act of pressing: diin, pagdiin, pagdidiin

kaso kuko kasi kuwako

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