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lŽahi' n. race


lineage n. 1 family: angkan, pamilya 2 race: lipi, lahi

people n. 1 men, women and children, persons: mga tao 2 race, nation: lahi, bansa 3 persons in general, the public: madla, publiko, mga tao, bayan, taong-bayan

race n. 1 a running contest: takbuhan, patulinan, karera 2 a run: takbo 3 races, horse races: karera (ng mga kabayo) 4 people having the same ancestry: lahi 5 people having the same status: lipi 6 a contest: labanan · v. 1 to run: tumakbo 2 to run a race: magkarera, makipagkarera, magtakbuhan, makipagtakbuhan 3 to make something run fast: magpatulin, patulinin, magpatakbo (patakbuhin) nang matulin 4 to move fast: magtumulin

lihi layo liha lawa

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