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l´amay n. funeral wake, vigil ˇ maglamay, lam´ayin (mag-:-in) v. to keep vigil, to stay awake all night. Lalamayin ko ang trabaho ko. I'll stay up late with my work.


vigil n. 1 eve of a feast: bisperas 2 a keeping awake during the usual hours of sleep: pagpupuyat, lamay, paglalamay 3 a devotional watching, evening or nocturnal devotions: pagtatanod, pagbabantay 4 to keep vigil before the Blessed Sacrament: magtanod (magbantay) sa harap ng Santisimo 5 to keep vigil, to keep awake during the usual hours of sleep: magpuyat, pagpuyatan, maglamay, paglamayan

wake v. 1 to stop sleeping: gumising, magising, gisingin 2 to cause to stop sleeping: pumukaw, makapukaw, pukawin, gumising, makagising, gisingin 3 to become alive or active: sumigla, maging masigla 4 to make alive or active: magpasigla, pasiglahin ˇ n. 1 a watching, all- night watch kept beside the body of a dead person: lamay, paglalamay, lamayan, pagpupuyat 2 the track left behind a moving ship, trace or trail: dinaanan (pinagdaanan) ng bapor, dinaanan (pinagdaanan) ng bapor, bakas, landas 3 to attend a wake: maglamay, paglamayan, magpuyat, pagpuyatan, pagpuyatan 4 in the wake of, following, behind, after: pagkatapos, pagkaraan, pagkaraan, pagkalipas, kasunod

lamya lana lame luma

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