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lam´ig ­ malamig (ma-) adj. cold, chilly, cool


cool adj. 1 somewhat or a little cold: malamig-lamig, presko (Sp), medyo malamig 2 not excited, calm: mahinahon, tahimik, malamig · n. something cool: lamig, kalamigan · v. 1 to become cool: lumamig 2 to make cool: magpalamig, palamigin

weather n. 1 the condition of the air: panahon 2 climate: klima · v. 1 to expose to the weather: malantad (ilantad) sa init, araw, lamig, ulan o hangin 2 to go or come through safely: maligtasan, makaligtas · adj. towards or against the wind: pasalunga sa hangin

ng´iki n. chills, malaria · mang´iki, ngik´iin (mang-:-in) v. to chill, to have the chills. Nginiki si Cristina sa lamig. Cristina chilled from the cold.

nip v. 1 to snip off (esp. with fingers): kumitil, kitilin, kitlin 2 to bite suddenly: kumagat na bigla, kagating bigla 3 to pinch (with thumb and finger or with the nails): mangurot, kumurot, kurutin 4 to spoil, injure as plants nipped by frost: sumira, masira, sirain · n. a sharp cold, chill: matinding lamig

cold adj. 1 having a low tempera- ture: malamig 2 chilly: maginaw 3 lacking interest, indifferent: walang sigla, malamig · n. 1 low temper- ature: lamig 2 a kind of sickness: sipon · v. 1 to feel cold: maginaw, ginawin 2 to be cold or indifferent to someone: manlamig 3 to have the chills: manlamig, lamigin

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