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lŽaruan n. playground laruŽan n. toy, plaything


toy n. 1 something for a child to play with, plaything: laruan 2 a thing that has little value or importance: parang laruan, munting bagay · adj. made as a toy: laruan · v. to play, amuse oneself, triffle: maglaro, paglaruan

plaything n. a thing to play with, a toy: laruan

playground n. a piece of ground for playing: laruan, palaruan

ligpŽit ­ ligpitŽin (-in) v. to clear, to put away (something). Ligpitin mo ang mga laruan. Put away the toys.

sŽira' n. a tear (as in clothing), a defect · sirŽa' adj. destroyed, broken sumira' (-um-) v. to destroy, to break, to rip, to tear. Sumira siya sa aming usapan. She broke our verbal agreement. manira', sirŽain (mang-:-in) v. Huwag mong sirain ang laruan. Don't break the toy.

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