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lŽasa n. taste · malasa (ma-) adj. spicy, tasty lumasa, lasŽahin (-um-:-in) v. to taste, to have taste of. Ikaw ang lumasa ng ulam. You taste the dish.


taste v. 1 to try the flavor of something by taking a little into the mouth: tumikim, tikman 2 to get the flavor of by the sense of taste: lumasa, malasahan, lasahin, man- amnaman, namnamim 3 to eat or drink a litle bit of: tumikim, tikman 4 to experience, have: magdanas, dumanas, danasin, makaranas, maranasan, makatikim, matikman, magkaroon 5 to have a particular taste or flavor: magkaroon ng lasa, maglasa, may lasa · n. 1 a flavor: lasa 2 the sense by which the flavor of things is perceived: panlasa 3 a little bit: bahagya, katiting, kapiyangot 4 a liking: pagkagusto, kagustuhan 5 the ability to perceive and enjoy what is beautiful and excellent: mahusay pumili

tasteless adj. without taste: walang lasa, di masarap, matabang

stale adj. 1 not fresh: luma, dati, laon 2 referring to fish: bilasa 3 for food that has become sour or spoiled: sira, panis 4 for food, wine, etc., that has lost its good taste: lipas, wala nang lasa

flat adj. 1 smooth and level, even: pantay, patag, makinis 2 flat, not round: sapad, sarat, lapad 3 uninteresting: walang, kuwenta, hindi maganda 4 fixed, not to be changed (esp. for rates): de taripa 5 not glossy, e.g. paint: walang kintab, hindi makintab 6 without much flavor: walang lasa, matabang 7 to lie flat: tumihaya

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