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lib´ing n. burial, internment · maglibing, ilibing (mag-:i-) v. to inter, to bury. Inilibing nila ang patay. They buried the dead.


funeral n. 1 the ceremony of bury- ing the dead: libing, paglilibing 2 to go to a funeral: makipaglibing, sumama sa libing

burial n. act of burying: libing, paglilibing

interment n. burial: libing, paglilibing

grave n. any place of burial: libing, libingan, puntod, hukay · adj. 1 serious: malubha, malala, mabigat, maselan, seryoso 2 important: mahalaga 3 referring to the grave accent mark: malumi, paiwa · v. 1 to engrave, to carve: mag-ukit, ukitin, iukit 2 to impress or implant deeply: magtanim, itanim

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