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lig´alig n. trouble, perturbation, pre- occupation, bother · adj. perturbed, bothered, disturbed


perturbation n. 1 disquiet of the mind: pagkatigatig, pagkabalisa, pag-aalaala, linggatong, pagkaligalig 2 perturbed condition: kaligaligan, kaguluhan, kabalisahan 3 the thing, act, or event that causes it: ligalig, gulo, balisa, tigatig, linggatong

trouble v. 1 to disturb, cause distress or worry to: manggulo, guluhin, manligalig, ligaligin, mam- bagabag, bagabagin, tumigatig, tigatigin, manggambala, gambalain 2 to be disturbed or worried: matigatig, magambala, maligalig, mabahala, mabagabag, magulo 3 to take trouble, to bother: mag-abala, magpakaabala, pagkaabalahan 4 to cause extra work or effort to, to put someone to some inconvenience: mang-abala, abalahin 5 to cause oneself inconvenience: mang-abala, magpakaabala · n. 1 disturbance: gulo, kaguluhan 2 distress, worry, difficulty: ligalig, kaligaligan, bagabag, pagkabagabag, balisa, pagkabalisa, hilahil, pagkahilahil 3 extra work, bother, effort: abala, kaabalahan, pagkaabala, gambala, kagambalaan, pagkagambala 4 a disordered condition, as of a machine: sira, kasiraan, pagkasira, depekto 5 a quarrel: away, awayan, awayan, basag-ulo

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