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lug´ar n. place [var. lug´al]


place n. 1 the part or space occu- pied by a person or thing: puwesto, lugar, lugal 2 a city, town, or village: lugar, lugal, dako 3 district or area: purol, pool, distrito 4 house, dwelling: bahay, tahanan 5 a part or spot on a body or surface: bahagi, parte 6 rank: puwesto, tungkulin, lugar, lugal 7 right position, usual position: tamang lugar (lugal), karaniwang lugar (lugal), tumpak na ayos 8 a space or seat for a person: lugar, lugal, puwesto 9 duty, business: tungkulin, gawain 10 work, job, employment: trabaho, empleo, gawain · v. to put in a par- ticular spot, position, or condition: maglagay, ilagay, maglagak, ilagak · adv. in place means (a) in the proper or usual place: nasa lugar, nasa wastong (dating) kinalalagyan (b) fitting, apppropriate or timely: angkop, bagay

spot n. 1 mark, stain, speck: batik, mantsa, mantsa 2 a small part un- like the rest: patak 3 a place: dako, lugar, pook 4 on the spot means (a) at the very place: sa mismong lugar (b) at once: agad, madali · adj. ready, on hand: handa, nakahanda, hawak, kaliwaan · v. 1 to become spotted, have spots: magkamantsa, mantsahan, magkabatik, mabatikan 2 to make spots on: magmantsa, mantsahan, magbatik, batikan, dumhan 3 to hit the spot, to be just right or satisfactory (coll.): tamang- tama 4 to be spotted may mean to be recognized or seen: mamataan, mamanmanan, mamukhaan

immigration n. coming into a country or region to live: imi- grasyon, pandarayuhan (sa ibang bansa o lugar)

room n. 1 a part of a house or other building with wall of its own: silid, kuwarto 2 space: lugar, puwesto, puwang 3 rooms, lodgings: tulugan, tirahan

lag´ay ­ lumagay (-um-) v. to put oneself in a certain condition. Luma- gay ka sa aking lugar. Put yourself in my place. ilagay (i-) to put, to place (some- thing), to lay down something. Ila- gay mo ang ulam sa kalan. Put the main dish on the stove.


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