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lunŽok ­ lumunok (-um-) v. to swal- low. Lumunok siya bago magsalita. She swallowed before she spoke. lunukŽin (-in) v. to swallow. Lunukin mo ang gamot. Swallow the medicine.


gulp v. to swallow eagerly or greed- ily esp. in large drafts: lumunok, (lunukin, lumulon) nang malalaki at dali-dali, lumagok (lagukin, lumaklak, laklakin) nang malaki at mabilis · n. the act of swallowing: lunok ,lulon

swallow v. 1 to take into the stomach through the throat: lu- munok, lunukin, lumulon, lulunin 2 to take in, to absorb: lumulon, malulon, lulunin, lumunok, lunukin, sumakmal, sakmalin, tumabon, matabunan 3 to believe too easily, to accept without question or suspicion: maniwala agad, pani- walaan agad 4 to put up with, to take meekly, to accept without opposing or resisting: tumanggap, tanggapin, magtiis, matiis, tiisin, malulon 5 to take back: bumawi, bawiin 6 to keep back, to keep from expressing: maglihim, ilihim, magtimpi, timpiin, magpigil, pigilin · n. swallowing: lunok, paglunok, lulon, paglulon

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