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lŽupa' n. earth soil, land, earth, ground, ground floor, downstairs


ground n. 1 the surface of the earth, soil: lupa 2 basis, reason, foundation for what is said or done: batayan, saligan, katwiran, dahilan · v. to break ground to dig, plow: magbungkal ng lupa, bungkalin ang lupa, mag-araro, araruhin

earth n. 1 the world: mundo, daigdig, lupa, sangkalupaan 2 soil: lupa

till prep/conj. until, up to the time of, to the time when: hanggang sa · v. 1 to cultivate land: maglinang, linangin, magbungkal ng lupa, bungkalin ang lupa 2 to plow: mag-araro, araruhin · n. a small drawer for money: kahon ng kuwalta

kŽahig n. scratching off a loose surface, as soil scratched off by chickens · kumahig, kahŽigin (-um- :in) v. Kumahin ng lupa ang manok. The chicken scratched the ground. Kahi- gin mo ang mga dahong nahulog sa lupa. Rake the leaves off the ground.

land n. 1 ground, soil: lupa 2 a country and its people: bansa, bayan, lupa, lupang-tinubuan, inang-bayan · v. 1 to come to earth: bumaba, lumapag 2 to go on shore from a ship or boat: bumaba, lumunsad, umahon 3 to put on shore from a ship or boat: maglunsad, ilunsad, magdiskarga, idiskarga, magbaba, ibaba 4 to arrive: humantong, mahantong, ihantong, bumagsak, ibagsak

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