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mag´ing v. 1 to be, to become 2 transient (active) particle word or phrase modified is something coming into being, arising at the time specified by the tense-form of the particle. Siya ay naging hukom. He became a judge. Naging bantog siya sa buong bayan. He became famous throughout the whole town.


agree v. to suit one especially cli- mate, food, etc.: mahiyang, maging hiyang syn bumagay, bagayan, maging bagay 1 to be good for one: makabuti 2 to be in accord with: sumang-ayon, sang-ayunan

thin adj. 1 with little space from one side to the opposite side, not thick: manipis, di makapal 2 having little flesh: payat 3 not set close together: madalang, manipis 4 not dense: manipis, di makapal 5 few and far apart, not abundant: madalang, kakaunti, iilan 6 like water, not like glue or syrup: malabnaw 7 not deep or strong, having little depth, fullness, or in- tensity: matinis, maliit 8 easily seen through: halata, halatain, mababaw · v. 1 to make thin: magpadalang, padalangin, magpanipis, panipisin, magpalabnaw, palabnawin 2 to become thin: dumalang, maging madalang, numipis, maging ma- nipis, lumabnaw, maging malabnaw 3 to become thin in body: pumayat, mangayayat, maging payat 4 to make thin in body: magpapayat, papayatin

true adj. 1 agreeing with fact, not false: totoo, tunay 2 real, genuine: tunay, talaga, berdadero 3 faithful, loyal: tapat, matapat 4 agreeing with a standard, correct, exact: tunay, tama 5 rightful, lawful: tunay, legal, may karapatan 6 to be true or become true means to agree with the facts: maging totoo (tunay), magkatotoo 7 to be faithful or loyal: maging tapat (matapat)

match n. 1 a person or thing equal to another or much like another, an equal: kapareho, kasukat 2 a pair that fit: pareha, tambal, pares 3 a person considered as a possible husband or wife: magaling (kabagay) na maging kabiyak, bagay na maging asawa (na mapan- gasawa) · v. 1 to find the equal of or one exactly like: magpareha, ipareha 2 to be similar, go well together: bumagay, magkabagay, tu- mugma, magkatugma, umagpang, magkaagpang 3 to be equal to in a contest: pumantay, pantayan, ipantay, pumareho, parehuhan, ipareho 4 to put or place the equal amount or value: tumumbas, tum- basan, pumantay, pantayan 5 to try ones skill, strength, etc., against, oppose: lumaban, labanan, ilaban

become v. 1 to come to be: maging 2 suit, look well on: bumagay

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