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maŽis n. corn


corn n. 1 Indian corn, maize: mais 2 ear of corn: puso ng mais 3 toasted corn, popcorn: binusang mais, papkorn 4 a hard growth on the skin: kalyo

popcorn n. 1 a kind of corn, the kernels of which burst open and puff-out when heated: isang uri ng bubusahing mais 2 the white puffed-out kernels: binusang mais, papkorn

cornstarch n. a starchy flour made from corn: gawgaw (ng mais) coronation n. crowning of a king or a queen: koronasyon, pagpuputong ng korona

ear n. 1 the organ of hearing: tainga 2 an ear of corn: puso ng mais 3 play by ear: oido 4 to give ear, to listen to: makinig, pakinggan 5 to be all ears, to listen eagerly: makinig na mabuti

maka maso make maki

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