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manat´ili' v. to stay, be permanent


stay n. 1 a staying, stop, time spent: pagtigil, pamamalagi, pagtira 2 a support, prop, brace: tukod, suhay, sustento, tagasustento, tagatustos ng ikinabubuhay · v. 1 to continue to be as indicated: manatili 2 to remain: manatili, matira, tumira, magpaiwan 3 to live for a while, dwell: tumira, manirahan 4 to hold back, delay: bumimbin, bimbinin, pumigil, pigilin

endure v. 1 to last, to keep on: tumagal, makatagal 2 to remain: manatili 3 to be able to undergo, withstand, or bear: makapagtiis, makatiis, mapagtiisan

maintain v. 1 to keep, keep up, carry on: magpanatili, panatilihin, manatili 2 to uphold, declare to be true: manindig, panindigan, maggiit, igiit, ipaggiitan 3 to support, sus- tain: sumustento, sustentuhan, tumustos, tustusan

stand n. 1 a place where a person stands, position: kinatatayuan, lugar, kinalalagyan, puwesto 2 a place or fixtures for a small business: puwesto, munting (maliit na) tindahan 3 a way of thinking: paninindigan 4 a raised place where people may stand or sit: tayuan, tuntungan, plataporma, entablado 5 something to put or hang things on, e.g., a hat, raincoat, etc.: sabitan · v. 1 to be on ones feet: tumayo, tumindig 2 to be in a certain place, rank, scale, etc.: malagay, lumagay 3 to rise to ones feet: tumayo, tumindig 4 to set upright: magtindig, itindig, magtayo, itayo 5 to stay in place, last: tumagal, magtagal, makatagal, matagalan, manatili, mamalagi 6 to bear, en- dure: magtiis, matiis, mapagtiisan, tiisin, makatagal, matagalan 7 to be unchanged, hold good, remain the same: di (hindi) magbago, manatili, mamalagi, manatiling may bisa 8 to take a way of thinking or acting: manindigan, panindigan 9 to stand by means (a) to be near: nasa malapit, huwag lumayo (umalis) (b) to side with, help: tumulong, tulungan, kumampi, kampihan, pumanig, panigan 10 to stand for means (a) to represent: kumatawan, katawanin (b) to be on the side of, take the part of, uphold: manindigan, panindigan panindiganan, manindig 11 to stand out means (a) to project: lumitaw, lumabas, umusli, umungos (b) to be noticeable or prominent: makita, lumantad, mahalata, mapansin, lumitaw (c) to refuse to yield: magmatigas, manindigan 12 to stand up for, to take the part of, defend, support: magtanggol, ipag- tanggol, tumangkilik, tangkilikin 13 it can stand over, it can wait until another time: makapaghihintay, maipaghihintay, maipagpapaliban

stick n. 1 a long, thin piece of wood: kahoy 2 a piece of split bamboo: patpat 3 a walking stick: baston, tungkod 4 a stick used to beat another: bambo, pambambo, batuta baton · v. 1 to stab, to pierce with a pointed instrument: tumusok, magtusok, itusok, tusukin, magduro, iduro, dumuro, duruin 2 to fasten, to attach: magdikit, idikit, dikitan 3 to become fas- tened: dumikit, madikit, magkadikit, kumapit 4 to keep on, to hold fast: manatili, panatilihin, mamalagi, pamalagiin, magpatuloy, ipagpatuloy 5 to stick out: umusli, pausliin, iusli, lumabas, palabasin, ilabas, maglawit, ilawit

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