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medŽida n. tape measure


tape n. 1 a long narrow strip of pa- per, cloth, etc.: sintas, teyp 2 tape of cloth or steel marked in inches, feet, etc., used in measuring: medida, panukat 3 a tape used to cover a wound, cut, etc.: plaster, pamatse, patse 4 a tape used to cover electric wire: teyp

measure v. 1 to find the size or amount of anything: sumukat, sukatin 2 to get the measurements of: kunin ang sukat, sukatan 3 to find the cubic contents of: magtakal, tumakal, takalin 4 to be of a certain size or amount: sumukat, may sukat 5 to compare with some other per- son or thing by estimating, judging, or acting: subukin, sukatin, kilatisin · n. 1 a step toward a goal (action meant as means to an end): hakbang 2 a proposed law: panukalang-batas 3 a law: batas 4 size: laki, sukat 5 quantity, degree, or proportion: bahagi 6 tape measure: medida 7 a system of measurement: panukatan, sukatan, takalan, batayan ng sukat (timbang)

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