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modŽelo Sp n. model


mixture n. 1 the act of mix- ing: paghahalo, pagkakahalo, paglalahok, pagkakalahok, pagtitimpla, pagkakatimpla 2 what has been mixed: ang pinaghalo (pinaglahok), ang magkahalo (magkakahalo), timpla, timplada, tinimpla model a small copy: modelo. 1 a figure in a clay or wax that is to be copied in marble, bronze, etc.: modelo, molde 2 the way in which a thing is made, the style: hugis, tabas 3 a thing or person to be copied or imitated: huwaran, tularan , halimbawa, modelo 4 a person who poses for artists: modelo · v. 1 to follow as a model: tumulad, tularan, humuwad, huwaran, kunang halimbawa, gumaya, gayahin 2 to make, shape, or fashion: magmolde, imolde, maghugis, ihugis 3 to design or plan: magdibuho, idibuho, magplano, iplano · adj. just right or perfect, especially in conduct: uliran, huwaran

mannequin n. 1 a woman who models clothes: model, modelo 2 a model or figure of a person used by tailors: manikin

pattern n. 1 a design, arrangement of forms and colors: dibuho, disenyo 2 a model or guide for something to be made: padron, tularan, huwaran, parisan, modelo 3 a fine example, a model to be followed: halimbawa, huwaran · v. to make according to a pattern: tumulad, tularan, itulad, humuwad, huwaran, ihuwad

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