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mukh´a' n. face · adv. seemingly, looks like, appears like [var. muk´a']


face n. 1 the front part of the head: mukha 2 look, expression: mukha 3 the dial: mukha 4 surface: balat, ibabaw · v. 1 to front or turn toward: humarap, harapin 2 to lose face, to be put to shame or embarrassed: ma- pahiya

identical adj. 1 the very same, the very one: Use "ang" or "siya" for emphasis 2 exactly alike: magka- mukha, magkatulad, magkauri, magkapareho

shameless adj. 1 without shame: walang hiya, tabla (makapal) ang mukha 2 not modest: bastos

p´ahid ­ magpahid, ipahid, pah´iran (mag-:i-:-an) v. to wipe off, to apply on. Ipahid mo ang panyo sa mukha mo. Wipe your face with the handkerchief.

unlike adj. 1 not like, different: di katulad, di magkatulad, di kawangis, di magkawangis, iba, magkaiba 2 dif- ferent in appearance: hindi magka- mukha, hindi kamukha · prep. dif- ferent from: iba sa

much miswa maka make

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