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nitŽo dem. of this ganito (ga-) like this, (ganitŽo) in this manner of way [var. nirŽe, ganirŽe]


this pron. 1 "this" is used to point out some one person, thing, or idea as present, near, or spoken of before: ito, iri 2 "this much", as much as this: kasindami nito, ganito ang dami, ganito karami

on prep. 1 above and supported by: sa, sa ibabaw 2 touching so as to cover or be around: Commonly ex- pressed by "sa." 3 resting on: nasa 4 close to, located: malapit sa, nasa 5 at the past or previous time of: nang, noong 6 at the future time of: sa 7 for the purpose of: dahil sa 8 against or upon: nasa 9 among: kabilang sa, nasa 10 concerning, in relation to, in connection with: tungkol sa, hinggil sa · adv. in the direction of, toward: papunta sa, patungo sa · adj. 1 tak- ing place: mayroon na, nagsisimula na 2 and so on, and more of the same: at iba pang gaya (kagaya) nito 3 on and on, without stopping: nang walang tigil

like adj. similar, resembling some- thing or each other: katulad, kamukha, kawangis, kawangki · adv. 1 such as one would expect: para, kagaya 2 as, in the same way as, as well as: paris, gaya, para 3 "and the like" means and other like things: at iba pang gaya nito 4 like this: ganito, ganiri 5 like that: ganoon, gayon, ganyan · n. a liking, preference: gusto, gusto, ibig, nasa, nais · v. to have a preference or liking: magkaibig, maibigan, magkagusto, magustuhan, ibig, gusto

itch n. 1 a tickly, prickling feeling in the skin: kati, pangangati 2 restless, uneasy longing or desire for any- thing: hindi (di, di-) pagkapalagay, (di, di-) pagkakakali · v. 1 to cause itchy feeling in the skin: magpakati, makapangati, pakatihin 2 to feel itchy in the skin: kumati, mangati, pangatihan 3 to be restless with any desire: hindi (di, di-) mapalagay o mapakali its pron. No specific Tagalog equiva- lent. nito, Niyon, meaning "of this," "of that" are used

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