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grade n. 1 class in school: grado 2 degree in rank: ranggo, grado, antas 3 a degree in quality and value: klase, uri 4 number or letter that shows how well one has done: nota, marka 5 the slope of the road: grado, dahilig

ind´ak ­ umindak (-um-) v. to dance (in time with the music). Umindak ang mananayaw sa saliw ng musika. The dancer danced to the tune of music.

music n. 1 the art of making sounds that are beautiful: musika 2 a musi- cal composition: tugtugin 3 to set to music, to provide the words of a song with music: maglapat ng tugtugin musician n. a person skilled in mu- sic: musiko, manunugtog

tugt´og ­ tumugtog, tugtug´in (-um:-in) v. to play music, to play on an instrument. Tumugtog ang banda ng mabilis na musika. The band played fast music. Tugtugin mo sa piyano ang 'Dahil sa Iyo'. Play 'Dahil sa Iyo' on the piano.

note n. 1 a short sentence, phrase or word to remind one of what was in a book, etc.: tala, nota 2 a comment, remark or piece of information: pansin, puna 3 a very short letter: maikling sulat (liham, kalatas) ˇ v. 1 to write down something to be remembered: magtala, itala 2 to observe, notice, give attention to: pumansin, pansinin, pumuna, punahin, magmatyag, matyagan nothing pron. not anything: wala ˇ n. 1 zero: wala, sero 2 a thing (or person) of no importance or signifi- cance: bagay na (taong) walang ha- laga, walang anuman, walang bagay

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