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nŽumero Sp n. number


square n. a figure with four equal sides and four angles: parisukat, kuwadrado · v. to multiply (a number) by itself: multiplikahin sa sarili ang isang numero

figure n. 1 symbol for a num- ber: numero, bilang 2 form or shape: anyo, hugis, pigura 3 body: katawan, pangangatawan 4 person, character: tao 5 price: halaga, presyo

number n. 1 the count or sum of a group of things or persons: bilang 2 a number that tells how many, a numeral: numero, bilang 3 a large quantity: dami 4 an issue of a mag- azine: labas, bilang 5 single part of a program: bilang · v. 1 to count, find out the number: bumilang, bilangin 2 to give a number to: magnumero, numeruhan

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